Bio-Informed Concepts for Modern Facilities

Primary Mission:

  • Re-Think the built environment from a microbiological and occupancy perspective
  • Empower modern facilities to perform active, health and safety enhancing functions
  • Continually research and source the most advanced and effective technologies for this purpose

Key objectives of our process:

  • Endeavor to design hygienically enhanced modern buildings and healthcare facilities that mechanically reduce biological threats 24/7
  • Improve outcomes in patient care, enhance occupational health, environmental hygiene and air quality while reducing infection risk and pathogen mobility
  • Approach these objectives using evidence based,  bio-informed design principals
  • Continually seek and foster expert dialogue in Design, Architecture, IC, EVS, Healthcare Leadership, Engineering, Epidemiology and other related fields


Customized Application of Forward Thinking Methodologies.

  • Advanced Comprehensive Solutions
  • Consulting and Design
  • Component to Facility-Wide solutions
  • Pro-Active Risk Management/Litigation Resources
  • Technology Sourcing and Research
  • Commissioning and Quantification
  • Evaluations and Environmental Auditing


Expertise. You’ll find it here.
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